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We are proud to offer inflatable movie screens to parties of all size in the Burbank area. These screens are great for your next party or event. We offer a number of different sized, inflatable movie screens to match your budget and backyard from 9ft to 36ft screens (screen are measured diagonally). Our Screens are built rugged and there will be no unwanted sagging. These screens are made of heavy-duty tarpaulin which will last you years of services. Its’ seams are double stitched to prevent rips and separation. The projection screens themselves are removable and washable. They are made of 4-way stretch Lycra, which allows you to both front and rear project.


12’x7′ Screen Package – $1599.00

16’x9′ Screen Package – $1,899.00

20’x12′ Screen Package – $2,199.00

25’x14′ HD Screen

30’x17′ HD Screen Package (US-made) – $8,995.00

Screens 32′ and larger – $9,995.00 and up

Burbank’s premiere outdoor movie experience! There is a custom, turnkey outdoor movie event and complete outdoor movie system packages for every budget. We offer bigger inflatable screens, better sound, picture, and value- guaranteed!

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