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Principal Martinez “rockin” his School Movie Night Oct., 2017 Or Does It Look Like This?

Do-It-Yourself School Movie Night Sept. 2017 Bigger Screens and Quality Audio Video Make the Difference.

The purpose of this school movie night blog is to stress the importance of hiring the right Audio Video company to handle your PTA Movie Night? Why? If you look at both photos it is all about energy. In the top photo the kids and parents are engaged so much so they are filming the pre-show parade. In the bottom photo an event using school audio equipment and an inexpensive Gemmy inflatable screen there is not energy before the movie. In fact, if you look close the lady in the turquoise top is yawning while everyone else is looking at their Iphone. These events are intended to bring students, teachers, administrators and parents together for a magical movie under the stars. We can show you how.

Pro Outdoor Movies has been executing first-rate school movie nights since 2006. We have done hundreds and have developed a template that we share with our new clients. Let us advise you as to what works and what does not work. You will receive a complimentary advance site survey, film programming ideas, event flow suggestions, fundraising tips, concession advice, custom edited playlists, and much more.

We measure our success by the applause at the end of the feature. We guarantee it will be exuberant! We like to think the applause is for execution as nearly every child has seen the movie before. When we get on the microphone to thank the audience and remind them to help remove any trash etc. the audience claps again. Clapping after being told to pick up trash? Yes, that does occur every time because people leave “pumped” when the movie presentation is at the highest level. What is not to like? A huge wrinkle-free inflatable movie screen, Full HD image quality, perfect sound (not too loud in front and loud enough for guests as far as 500’ back) under the stars with family and friends. Our school audiences build year-over-year because the parents had a great time!

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